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 Why Do I Need to Rotate and Balance My Tires?

Why Do I Need to Rotate and Balance My Tires?

You’ve just purchased new tires and likely spent a hefty chunk of change to do so. After all, tires are an important part of keeping your vehicle safe on the road. Tires help you maintain traction in rain, snow and other road conditions. This makes tires a critical part of you vehicle’s performance. But do you know how to get the most out of your tires?

At Kirberg Motors, we provide high-quality automotive services to drives throughout San Mateo County. So when we say getting your tires balanced and rotated is essential for maximizing the use of your tires, you can trust us. But why is tire rotation and balance that important? Here are a few reasons why you should get this service done regularly.

Reasons Why You Need to Rotate and Balance Your Tires

  1. Reduce Wear and Tear. First, it helps to even out the wear and tear on the tires. This is important because it can help extend the life of the tires and also help keep your car running smoothly.
  2. Improve Gas Mileage. Secondly, rotating and balancing tires can help improve gas mileage. This is because rotating and balancing your tires helps keep the car stable and reduces the amount of drag on the tires. An unbalanced tire can cause vibrations and traction loss that interfere with the efficient running of your car.
  3. Ensure Safety. Finally, rotating and balancing your tires can help ensure your safety while driving by improving your handling and grip. Unbalanced and unrotated tires wear more heavily causing problems with grip on the road.

How Often Should You Perform Tire Rotation and Balance?

In general, most experts recommend that you balance and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles or so. This is a simple maintenance task that can pay dividends by extending the life of your tires and keeping your vehicle safe.

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced team to rotate and balance your tires, come see us at Kirberg Motors. We’ll take care of the job right and make sure you’re safe while driving. We can help you get the most out of any tires you purchase and will keep your car on the road longer!

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