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 What Repairs Do Cars Need in the Winter?

What Repairs Do Cars Need in the Winter?

Winter has finally arrived, and that means cold, wet and icy weather for the northern reaches of California. It also means that a few parts on your vehicle may fail and force you to bring your car to the repair shop. Here are a few problems you may face during the winter, and a few things you can do about these issues before they turn into full-on nightmares.

Common Winter Car Repairs

So, what issues do cars have during colder months? A recently published study claimed that problems with air springs, engine distributors, gaskets, headlights, heater systems, oil cooler lines and windshield washing systems occur during the winter. However, many of these problems aren’t caused by colder temperatures.

Usage is often the big factor when it comes to winter car repairs. Did you know your heater was conking out? Probably not until you started using it everyday in the winter. Did you notice your headlights blinking out? Not until daylight saving time ended and you started driving home from work in the dark every day. Problems like this can arise unexpectedly, but some issues are brought on by the cold and not by increased usage.

Options for Winterizing

The cold can drain batteries, lower tire pressure and put a lot of stress on your heater. Get your battery load tested before the cold weather hits. If cold weather saps your battery, you’ll know if you need a new one, or if your battery just needs a recharge.

You should also check your tires as temperatures outside begin to lower. The cold can cause tire pressure to fall off, which can cause excessive wear. Make sure your tires stay inflated to factory specifications.

Have your heating system checked at the beginning of the winter season to make sure it won’t fail in the middle of a freeze. Make sure that you have a dose of antifreeze in your coolant system. Freezing liquids can crack hoses and lines.

If you have any more questions about what you can do to prepare your car for the ravages of winter, contact Kirberg Motors at (650)591-8998. We have experience that can help keep your vehicle running smoothly through winter weather conditions of California. You can also follow our Facebook page for more tips and fun automotive updates.

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