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 Watch Out For This Latest Car Repair Scam

Watch Out For This Latest Car Repair Scam

Car repair scams are nothing new. However, this latest car repair scam is costing car owners significantly. The BBB Scam Tracker is warning consumers of a new type of car repair scam that involves strangers offering to fix “dents” on your car.

How Does the Car Repair Scam Work?

A stranger approaches you in a parking lot and says that they noticed dents on your car. They work at a body shop and can fix them for a lot less than someone else could. They even tell you that they can repair the dents on the spot and that by choosing them, you would be supporting small businesses.

The problem is that by agreeing to the repairs, you typically end up with a ruined car exterior. One person came out to a car with holes drilled into the sides of his vehicle. The scammer then put black putty over the holes and told them not to take the putty off of the holes for 24 hours. When the putty came off, the car looked worse than before.

Protect Yourself From Car Repair Scams

It is important to be wary of unsolicited offers. In addition, don’t fall for high-pressure tactics or on-the-spot jobs. Take the time to research your repair company and check their ratings. If your car does need service, take it into a quality professional repair shop. This is the best way to protect yourself from scams.

If you think you might be talking to a scammer, look for valuable information at www.BBB.org/scamtracker. You can also report scams there.

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