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 The Top Five Tips for Getting Your BMW Ready for the Fall and Winter

The Top Five Tips for Getting Your BMW Ready for the Fall and Winter

Cool early mornings and late evenings tell us that fall is on its way. While September retains a bit of the summer’s heat, it won’t be long until colder temperatures take hold of the Bay area. As we begin the transition into fall and winter, your BMW will benefit from some key maintenance procedures. Our Belmont BMW repair technicians compiled a list of our top five tips to help you prepare for the upcoming shift in seasons.

1.     Check Your Tires

Any time the temperature drops below 45 degrees, the rubber on your tires will stiffen. Additionally, changes in temperature will affect the air pressure in your tires. This means that fall and winter are prime times for tire damage. Because tire problems can lead to more serious car and safety issues, keeping an eye on them is important. Cracks, cuts, or bubbles in your tires may be indicators that your BMW needs servicing.

2.     Get Your Battery Tested

Cold weather can drain your battery. This is especially true if your BMW isn’t started for an extended period of time. To make sure your car will continue to start on command this winter, get your battery tested. A low battery may need more fluid, it may need to be re-charged, or it may need replacing altogether. Our Belmont BMW repair shop can help you diagnose your battery problems and find the right solution.

3.     Check and Top Off Your Fluids

Driving in the summer heat makes us reliant upon a dependable AC. As the weather turns colder, our reliance turns instead to our vehicle’s heating system to keep us comfortable. If your BMW’s radiator is low on antifreeze or has a leak, your heater may stop working. Checking your coolant and purity levels will also help your heater circulate warm air throughout your vehicle.

4.     Check Your Lights

As we head into the fall and winter seasons, the amount of sunlight we get in a day begins to dwindle. This means your headlights will be getting more use to make up for the decreased visibility on the road. It also means your BMW’s lights, including taillights and turn signals, become more crucial. When you’re in the dark, working lights and signals tell other drivers where you’re headed. To best prepare for the lack of natural light in the upcoming seasons, we recommend checking your vehicle’s lights.

5.     Clear Out Your Sunroof Drains

Routine cleaning of your sunroof drains can help prevent water damage to your BMW. Clogged drains lead to water retention. If more than a gallon of water accumulates on your sunroof, it may travel to the drains at the rear of the vehicle. If this happens, there is a chance that the water will overwhelm these drains and end up in the computer modules. Water damage of this sort costs a pretty penny. To avoid it, we suggest clearing out the sunroof drains of fall leaves and other debris.

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