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 How to Keep Your Car Coronavirus Free

How to Keep Your Car Coronavirus Free

The Coronavirus outbreak, also known as COVID-19, has captivated the nation Stores are closing, restaurants are shutting their doors and airlines are grounding their flights. The public is scrambling to distance themselves from others in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus. One of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to thoroughly wash your hands. It is also important to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces. Your car is one of those surfaces. In fact, disinfecting your car is an important component of staying healthy through this global pandemic. It is important for all car owners to know how to disinfect their cars to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

How to Disinfect Your Car

Every time you get out of the car you may touch surfaces infected with the Coronavirus. Health and safety officials estimate that the Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for days. As such, you need to disinfect your car even better during this global pandemic. Fortunately, disinfecting your car is not difficult. It just takes a little time and dedication.

One of the most effective ways to disinfect your car is to use soap and water. Soap detaches virus particles from surfaces, allowing water to wash the virus away. Add some soap to a bucket of warm water and begin scrubbing the commonly touched surfaces in your car. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. Unlike other harsh chemicals, soap will not break down your car surfaces. Be sure to pay close attention to door handles, steering wheels, seatbelt buckles and other commonly touched surfaces. But do not use soapy water to clean any panels or surfaces that contain electronics. Soapy water can short them out.

You can use bleach-free wipes on infotainment systems and other electronic components. Automakers recommend against using bleach products to disinfect devices in vehicles.

If you are a parent, it might surprise you to know that your child’s car seat contains more germs than a toilet seat. In fact, the average car seat has 10x more germs than a toilet seat. As such, parents need to vacuum car seats well and clean them with soapy water. If possible, throw any seat covers in the wash to disinfect them further.

Don’t forget to disinfect your car keys as well. Car keys are often a source of germs. The Environmental Protection Agency also has a list of cleaners that can protect against the Coronavirus.

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We hope this has helped you learn how to disinfect your car. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we want everyone to stay safe. Keeping your car free from Coronavirus is an important step towards keeping healthy. It is important to disinfect your car well during this time. After the “Shelter in Place” ban is lifted, we encourage you to bring your car into Kirberg Motors for a spring tune-up or service. We have helped car owners in San Francisco and throughout San Mateo County since 1967. Let us help you with all your car needs now and in the future. Call us today at (650) 591-8998 to learn more about our San Mateo County car repair service.

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