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 Four Reasons You Should Get Your Car Repaired Now

Four Reasons You Should Get Your Car Repaired Now

Have you been ignoring that check engine light on your dashboard? Been ignoring that rattle from the back end of your car? Did you miss your last scheduled maintenance appointment? Now may be the time to get that car repair your vehicle needs.

Several auto industry events, such as the chip shortage, are contributing to delays at your local repair shop. That means if you don’t get your vehicle fixed now, you could have a long wait to get repairs later down the road.

Still think that car repair can wait? Our skilled auto technicians have assembled a list of reasons why you should not.

Why I Need to Get My Car Repaired Now

  1. As we mentioned before, there is a chip shortage. Natural disasters in Taiwan, Japan and Texas, have crippled the supply of semiconductors in the auto industry. This mainly affects vehicle electronics such as navigation systems, infotainment consoles and engine control units. This shortage has decreased vehicle production around the world, and it has made sourcing parts difficult. Though, parts shortages have not hit yet, most repair shops are anticipating parts delays soon.
  2. The older a vehicle gets, the more maintenance it is going to require. Considering the average age of cars is at a 25-year high, this could lead to delays at your car repair shop. More cars are going to need more repairs, creating longer waits. This becomes an even bigger problem if the parts for that vehicle are no longer produced due to the vehicle’s age.
  3. The chip shortage is also causing a shortage of new vehicles. That means dealerships may not have the vehicle you want, which means you may keep your current car. For those who cannot wait for a new vehicle, some are buying used, which is driving up the price of used vehicles. So, if your current car breaks down, you may not be able to find a new vehicle to replace it and purchasing used may lead you to needing repairs down the road.
  4. Prices are also going up. As demand increases, the prices for new vehicles, used vehicles and parts are going up. The longer you wait on getting repairs, the higher prices could be down the road.

Call Kirberg Motors to Handle Your Car Repair Needs

Waiting to get your car repaired is becoming an expensive prospect in today’s auto industry. Do not get caught off guard. At Kirberg Motors our auto technicians provide quality service and spot-on repairs. We can work with you to get the repairs you need done on an affordable budget. Do not delay if your car is acting strange, schedule an appointment or call us at (650) 591-8998.

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