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 Car Repairs You Should Not Try to Do-It-Yourself

Car Repairs You Should Not Try to Do-It-Yourself

Many car owners pride themselves on fixing and repairing their cars. With the right tools and a little elbow grease, there are many DIY automotive repairs that can get fixed at home. However, there are repairs that car owners should not attempt themselves. For these repairs, it is best to contact an experienced auto repair shop.

DIY Automotive Repairs You Should NOT Try

  • Loose or uncomfortable car seat repair. The DIYer may end up damaging bolts that were previously tightened. Over-tightening of bolts can strip pieces which will make them useless for attaching pieces together again. A DIYer may also accidentally bend seat bolt heads, causing serious issues and weakening the bolts themselves. For these reasons, DIY mechanics should avoid this type of automotive repair unless they have picked up this type of repair before.
  • Car engine repair. A DIYer may attempt to fix a knocking, ticking or tapping noise coming from under the hood by adjusting valves using a pair of pliers or other tools. There are many cases where DIY repairs like this can cause serious damage and expensive engine repairs. That is why car owners should never perform car engine repairs at home.
  • Exterior rust or body damage. The auto repair DIYer may also attempt to fix rusting on the exterior of the car by sand-blasting or painting it with spray paint. However, DIY mechanics should avoid these DIY automotive repairs at home. This is because auto body shops know how to perform the proper sandblasting and painting techniques. DIYers who choose to perform bodywork on their cars risk damaging more than just surface rust if they do not know how to properly sand-blast.
  • Airbag repairs. DIY REPAIR WARNING! A DIY mechanic should never try repairing/replacing airbags. Airbags are a critical safety device in a car and only professionals should attempt to replace them. They can explode if handled improperly.
  • Transmission repairs. One of the most complex systems in your entire car is your transmission. This means an issue with this system can be very difficult to properly diagnose. An improperly repaired transmission can cost thousands of dollars to fix and is best left to professionals.
  • Electircal repairs. It may be tempting to tackle what may seem like a simple electric fault in your car, but resist the temptation. Electric wires, switches and conduits must be properly routed and grounded to work properly. Simply taping two wires (with insulation intact) together can cause a short that keeps certain systems from working. If you are really unlucky, such an attempted repair could cause an arc that starts a fire.

When it comes to DIY automotive repairs, there are some jobs that are better left to the professionals. By attempting a DIY repair on your car, you may end up doing more damage than good and end up paying more for repairs in the long run. If you’re not sure whether or not you should attempt a DIY repair on your car, it’s always best to consult with an experienced auto mechanic.

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