How Can I Tell if My Car Repair Shop Is Trustworthy?


Everyone has heard stories about auto shops upselling parts or recommending unnecessary services. Unfortunately, some shops do use this shady practice, banking on people’s unfamiliarity with car maintenance. Granted, if you’re not already an expert, the world of auto repair can sound like a foreign language. But what can laymen do when they need auto… Read More

Car Repairs You Should Not Try to Do-It-Yourself

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Many car owners pride themselves on fixing and repairing their cars. With the right tools and a little elbow grease, there are many DIY automotive repairs that can get fixed at home. However, there are repairs that car owners should not attempt themselves. For these repairs, it is best to contact an experienced auto repair… Read More

Four Reasons You Should Get Your Car Repaired Now

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Have you been ignoring that check engine light on your dashboard? Been ignoring that rattle from the back end of your car? Did you miss your last scheduled maintenance appointment? Now may be the time to get that car repair your vehicle needs. Several auto industry events, such as the chip shortage, are contributing to… Read More

Things You Shouldn’t Leave In Your Car During a Heatwave

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Summer 2021 is bringing the heat. A California heatwave has already scorched a good portion of the state, and more hot weather may be on the way. As Californians try to cope with record temperatures, our auto techs want to help. The heat inside a vehicle on a hot summer day is so intense it… Read More

How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?

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Having to repair your car is not something anyone enjoys doing. After all, car repairs are pricey. It also means going without your car for a couple of days or even longer. To make your car last longer, experts recommend performing timely car maintenance every year. By following specific maintenance tips, you can keep your… Read More