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 6 Ways to Get Your Car in Shape for the Spring

6 Ways to Get Your Car in Shape for the Spring

Spring has finally arrived here in the Bay Area, and you know what that means. It’s time for trips to the beach, vacations and some spirited recreational driving. Winter’s icy grip has finally been broken, and now you can have some fun, but is your car ready? If you want to enjoy your spring driving this year, the auto technicians at our Belmont car repair shop have a few tips to help.

1. Give Your Interior a Spring Cleaning

They say spring is a great time to clean up and get your house in order. Well, that saying applies to your car too. How many of you have left winter coats, boots and blankets piled up in your car? Now that it’s warm outside, you can take those winter garments and store them away.

While you’re at it, clean out those receipts and the trash that has collected in and around your seats. Take some warm, soapy water, and clean the seats and carpets too. If you have leather seats, use leather cleaner instead of soapy water. This will get rid of any mud or grime that was tracked into your vehicle during the sloppy winter months. You should also clean the inside of your windshield and the other windows of your car. Traffic fumes, dust and off-gassing from the plastics inside your car can build up a film that makes it harder to see through windows.

2. Get a Car Wash

Now that you’ve got the inside of your car taken care of, you should turn your attention to the outside. You can take your car to get detailed, or go grab some car cleaner, clean rags and buckets to do the job yourself. It’s time to use some elbow grease and make your ride look like it’s brand new. However, washing your car is about more than simply making your vehicle look nice.

Grime and salts used to defrost highways can build up and cause corrosion. Cleaning your car removes these contaminants, keeping your car running better for longer. Use a hose or pressure washer to thoroughly clean out the wheel wells of your car since many contaminants tend to collect there. You can also check out YouTube for tutorials on how to detail your car if you are a DIYer.

3. Check Your Filters

Is the air in your vehicle a little stale? It may be time to change those air filters. Spring is the perfect time to do this, considering the pollen explosion this time of year. Plus, your car will smell fresher, your AC unit will run more efficiently, and your car will smell better.

Under the hood, check the air intake filter, and consult your vehicle’s user manual to see how to change the air conditioning filter behind your dashboard. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of changing these filters yourself, you can always stop by our Belmont car repair shop. Here at Kirberg Motors, we have over 50 years of experience making cars run right.

4. Clean Your Battery Terminals

Another side-effect of winter driving involves your battery. The salt used on highways can accumulate on the terminal points. This scaly substance can cause problems with your electrical systems and ruin your battery. Luckily, this scale can be removed with a wire brush and solvent. However, remember to be careful. Performing this kind of maintenance can be dangerous. A live battery can cause shocks, so it may be safer to ask a professional to clean those terminals if you are unfamiliar with electrical safety.

5. Get Your Air Conditioning Checked

Since you probably haven’t been using your air conditioner during the winter months, it could be hard to determine if it’s working properly. Any auto part that’s left to sit for months can deteriorate and fail the next time it’s used. This is especially true for AC units, which can leak refrigerant when left unused for long periods. This means it is time for an air conditioner check.

Air conditioning is one of the essentials when it comes to warm weather. The temperature inside a car can rise to over 100 degrees in 70-degree weather. So, spring time can easily turn your car into a virtual oven. Don’t fool around with this one. Hire a professional, like our Kirberg automotive techs, to take a look at your air conditioning system.

6. Perform Some Tire Maintenance

We’ve said it a million times, and we are going to say it a million more, get your tires checked. Tires connect your vehicle to the road. If they are not functioning correctly, then you are wasting fuel and putting yourself in danger. Take tire care very seriously, as it could mean the difference between a fun drive or calling a tow truck.

Winter weather can make tire rubber brittle, so you should check your tires for damage when spring arrives. If you see cracking, tears, cuts or blistering in the sidewalls, it may be time to get a new tire. Also look out for uneven wearing, a problem which can lead to blowouts. If your tires are wearing unevenly, check your tire pressure or get a tire rotation. This maintenance could help your tires last longer.

Got More Questions? Our Belmont Auto Repair Shop May Be the Answer

When was the last time you got a transmission fluid flush? What condition are your windshield wipers in? Even the little stuff needs checking. For more auto repair tips and tricks, keep following the Kirberg Motors Automotive Blog. Our shop tackles engine, transmission and brake issues. We also specialize in German vehicles, so if you need help with a Volkswagen repair, or if your Porsche needs servicing, our Belmont auto repair shop is the right place for you. We also handle BMW and Mercedes repair, so call us at (650) 591-8998 to schedule an appointment, or fill in our online form to get a free repair quote.

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